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Welcome to The Striped Tee

Here it is, my first blog post.

I decided to start this blog mainly because I am a lover of all things pretty, fun & interesting. Not only do I want to have all of my awesome shit in one place for myself, I figured- hey, sharing is caring! I would describe my style as “casually chic” or “neutrally trendy.” As I’m sure this will become obvious, I wear mostly black, white & grey, along with an abundance of stripes (hence my ‘oh so clever’ blog name). I live in basics – tees, jeans, sneakers, you know the deal. However, I do own my fair share of heels and dresses that I never wear. I collect makeup; it’s hard for me to resist a good eye palette or a creamy pink lipstick. I am a complete sucker for packaging. If I don’t like the packaging, chances are I’m not buying it. I use about 10% of my collection but cannot stop myself from expanding it for the life of me. I am obsessed with online shopping, discovering dupes, and finding coupon codes. I very rarely purchase something that is not on sale or without a promo code. I’m constantly sharing my tips and treasures with my friends and family, and then it dawned on me. Why not share all of my inspiration, style and fun finds with the world? So viola, The Striped Tee is here for us all! I will mainly focus on beauty and clothing but will occasionally throw in some home decor, travel and other random stuff that comes to mind. Alright, so here we go… let’s do the damn thing!

Let’s start with… My Favorite Beauty Products of All Time (Drugstore & High End):

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless – This foundation is my go-to! I always find myself trying new foundations, whether it be drugstore or high end. Of course I assume that the high end products are better than the drugstore ones, and sometimes they are, but I cannot find one that can permanently replace the Maybelline Fit Me! I do occasionally dab in the Too Faced Born This Way foundation (when I’m feeling fancy), but it doesn’t feel lightweight on my skin. It’s beautiful, but feels… “heavy.” On a daily basis, I would rather wear a foundation that feels like it’s barely there even though it has good coverage. So, Maybelline it is! It’s extremely lightweight, has great buildable coverage, and applies well with either a brush or beauty sponge. Although it feels as if I’m barely wearing foundation, I find that it lasts pretty much all day. I say ‘pretty much,’ because if it’s hot & humid outside, I may have to touch up after a work and before happy hour (hehe). I also like the wide color selection and rarely need to mix colors to find my perfect shade. However, since it’s drugstore and less than $10, it’s not bad if mixing colors is needed.

BB Cream: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue – OK FRIENDS. Let’s talk about this. I am obsessed. This is my holy grail product in the summertime. It is super super hydrating and feels so wonderful on my face, especially in the warm months. The SPF is such an added bonus; who doesn’t like protecting their precious facial skin?! Although it’s not a drugstore product, I think the $29 is totally worth it. At least it’s not $40 like some other high end products! Plus, a little bit goes a long way in my opinion, so not much product is needed at once. My favorite way to apply it is with the Bareminerals smoothing face brush, but of course it’s not a complete necessity. I’ve also used my regular foundation brushes, and they work fine too. I have this product in so many different colors – when I’m tan, sort of tan, pale, you name it – I have a color for it. Like I said, I mostly use it in the summer, but I do wear it all year round. If I’m just running a few errands, and don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup, I’ll slab this on my face, throw on some mascara and a lip tint, and I’m good to go. Seriously everyone, if you haven’t tried this yet, do yourself a favor and buy it! It’s the perfect time of year to try it 🙂

Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape &/or Urban Decay Naked – I know, I know- how is it possible to have two different concealers as an all-time favorite… but let me explain! I use the Tarte Shape Tape for a completely separate reason from the UD Naked. The Shape Tape is more of an actual concealer for me; it covers my dark circles and conceals any blemishes or redness I may have going on that day. It’s super thick and very full coverage, so this product may not be for everyone. But it blends beautifully and smooths out to such a nice finish. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a girl who wears a full face on the regular. Sometimes I just throw on this concealer with no foundation at all, and it still does wonders on my face covering all my imperfections. On the other hand, I use the UD Naked solely for brightening my under eye area. I love how weightless it is, and it brings the life back to my face. It doesn’t settle into any fine lines, but I make sure to set it with a powder immediately after application (I do this with both concealers).

Powder: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish – I’ve never been a big powder person, but for the past year or so, I use this powder every time I wear foundation. Because I use the color in “medium tan,” it’s a tad darker for me in the winter months, so I’ll use it as a bronzer. But in the summer months when I have a tan, it’s a perfect powder to set my foundation. It gives such a beautiful satin finish and doesn’t make my skin feel dry like a lot of powders do. I already have dry skin, which I think is why I’ve never been hugely into products like this. But this one has definitely changed the way I view setting powders! It’s not very full coverage which I like, so it doesn’t make my makeup feel or look “cakey.” Plus it makes my foundation last longer, and I can use it to touch up my face throughout the day if needed.

Blush: To be honest, I’m not super picky about my blushes; I basically use whichever one I see on my vanity first. I feel as if a lot of different colors look the same on my skin? I’m not sure if that’s just me but… it’s strange. However, my go-to lately has been Milani in the shade “Tea Rose.” It gives my cheeks a nice little pop of color, and it’s quite pigmented for a drugstore blush. I’ve noticed that with most drugstore blushes they don’t give a lot of color pay off, so I might stick with Milani only for blush products or my other high end blush palettes that I have. But like I said, I grab whichever item is closest to me at that given moment.

Highlighter: Becca Champagne Pop – This highlighter is absolutely stunning. Let’s be real, I initially bought it because it is Jaclyn Hill’s product. If you don’t know of her, you’re missing out! Check out her YouTube page here. So I was totally fangirl-ing over her entire collection with Becca (yes I bought it all), but after seeing it, I would have bought Champagne Pop even if her name wasn’t on it! The formula is spectacular – not chalky or glittery, but a luminescent shimmer instead. Every time I wear this highlight, I feel like I glow more than the heavens above. And who doesn’t want that?

Bronzer: Lorac Pro Contour Palette – This palette is my ride or die for under eye setting and contouring my face. I use the medium shade for my contour, and I combine both the beige and yellow shades for setting my concealer. I’ve used the shimmer highlight a few times just to try it out but on a regular basis, I’m slabbing on that Champagne Pop! Although most people rave about the Laura Mercier translucent loose powder for setting their concealer, I find that it’s messier and takes me longer to apply. And since I’m quite the lazy girl, I’d rather stick with a powder palette. This palette is so soft and pigmented; Lorac is one of my favorite brands in general as you’ll see next…

Eyeshadow Palette (brand): Lorac Pro – dun dun dunnnnn… I cannot get enough of Lorac Pro palettes. Is it obvious? These aren’t even all that I own! I love how each of the Lorac Pro palettes (the 3 bottom pictured) contain an equal amount of matte and shimmer shades. The two top palettes pictured are the Lorac Pro Mega palettes. They come out with one each fall and are limited edition (I missed out on the first one, sad face). According to Lorac, their “velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO.” And they are not lyin’! Ultra-pigmented for sure.. I’ve never used an eyeshadow that has given as much color pay off. Such a little goes a long way. I’ve had the Lorac Pro (black) palette for many years, and I’m just starting to hit pan on a couple of the colors as you can see in the picture. Treat yourself to one of these palettes – I promise you will not regret it!

Lipstick: Too Faced La Creme in the color Razzle Dazzle Rose: My FAVORITE lipstick of. all. time. ever. I can’t even describe how much I am in love with this lipstick. I’m on my 3rd tube which is a record for me, if that helps. I love it for two reasons… 1) the Too Faced lipstick itself and 2) the color. I have this lipstick in about 7 different colors because the formula is so amazingly creamy and buttery. It feels like I’m wiping pure bliss on my lips. I’ve always dealt with chapped and dry lips, and one of my many bad habits is that I like to pick or nibble on them. So I struggle with matte or liquid lipsticks or ones that are just dry in general. So the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks will forever be my holy grail lipstick. Now let’s talk about the color. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Pink and bright and amazing all around. I’ll very rarely be seen wearing a lipstick color that isn’t pink. I gravitate toward pinks, especially bright ones. I have thin lips, so I feel like wearing vivid and bold pinks help me out a bit. I have this lipstick in these other colors as well: Nude Beach, Naked Dolly, Marshmallow Bunny, Sugar Daddy, Juicy Melons, and Double Bubble. But I pretty much only wear Razzle Dazzle Rose and Double Bubble (bright pinks, am I right?).

Mascara: It Cosmetics Superhero – So of course, I am a makeup addict and have tried countless mascaras. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with long eyelashes (thanks Mom). So I mainly focus on thickening and separating my lashes. This mascara does it all – volumizes, thickens, separates, applies evenly, lengthens, you know. And bonus, it’s incredibly black. I love super black mascaras because they make my eyes pop. Every time I wear this mascara, someone notices or compliments my lashes. It has a “wet” feel which I love but dries without flaking and smearing all over my face. The brush applicator is awesome. I don’t use this mascara on a daily basis, because it’s that dramatic. So I use it mainly when I’m going out or feeling fancy. I stick to drugstore mascaras for when I’m just running errands or not wearing foundation. Bottom line: I love this mascara – totally worth the splurge.

Dry Shampoo: Psssst! (not pictured) and Living Proof Dry Volume Blast – These products pretty much save my life (dramatic right). I hate washing my thin, limp hair, so I only do so about twice a week… which is why I go through dry shampoo like it’s my job. I’ve tried them all and continue to do so. But my favorite would probably be Psssst! It’s cheap yet effective! Batiste is great too, as I’m sure you’ve all tried or at least heard of. But I feel as if Pssst! gives me the same results for more than half the price. It sucks up all the oil which is basically all I’m asking for. After I use my dry shampoo, I spray the Living Proof product all over my roots and throughout the rest of my hair for added volume and oomph. This stuff works wonders for me. Although it has a strong smell, I don’t mind it. And I like that my hair doesn’t feel sticky and knotty afterward. The volume is superb. It is pricey, but there’s a travel size option (which I have pictured) for half the price if you’d rather try it out before diving right into the $29 full size product.

Nail Polish: OPI Lets Be Friends – If I had to choose one nail polish to wear for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t even have to think about it for more than a second. The pale pink is perfect for not only summer, but all year round! It’s a part of OPI’s Hello Kitty collection… cute as hell! PAUSE. I’m in panic mode. I’m trying to find a link to share, and I can’t find one anywhere! It either says “sold out” or is no longer listed at all. OH NOOOOOOOO!! Does this mean it is discontinued?! My soul is officially crushed. I’ll keep looking, but for right now, it’s not looking good. Let’s all have a moment of silence………………………………. thank you.

So there we have it. My “All Time Favorites.” Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and give me some suggestions of your favorites!

Until next time,


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